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Data Management
Duk-Woo Park, MD, PhD
The CRCC assists with questionnaire regarding case report form design, implementation of study protocols, data management, data entry, statistical database, and web-based programming. Also, this sector analyzes characteristics and patterns of patients with cardiovascular disease and direct the tool of clinical research. Exact and efficient directing is the most essential step for the derivation of useful data.

A goal of data management is to provide essential information to prevent and control cardiovascular disease through analysis without bias. We specialize in data collection and processing, outcome reporting of large data sets typically associated with healthcare eligibility, claims processing, and performance measurement. These data sets are used to provide meaningful reports that aid management in day-to-day operations. In addition, we have the capability to perform more detailed analysis and research on data in order to better understand complexities of service delivery systems.

Our statistical programmers, database programmers, and data managers have expertise in study design, development of computerized and web-based data collection and tracking systems, quality control procedures, and statistical analysis methods. A variety of data management systems can be custom-designed for projects that involve remote data entry using a web browser or projects conducted online. For clinical trials or studies that are greater than minimal risk, the CRCC also provides support for Data Safety Monitoring Boards (DSMB).
Statistical Analysis
  • Assist in the development of analysis plan
  • Provide randomization schedules
  • Have expertise conducting sophisticated analysis
  • Prepare and clean data for analysis
  • Have experience working with large, complex data sets
  • Assist with reporting to Data Safety and Monitoring Boards(DSMB)
  • Analyze data for manuscript preparation
  • Generate graphs and tables for manuscripts
  • Assist in writing methods and results of analysis
Data Safety Monitoring Boards (DSMB)
  • Administrative support for scheduling DSMB meetings
  • Statistical support for reviewing DSMB analysis plans and revisions
  • Creation of table shells for DSMB reports
  • Analysis of data and preparation of reports for DSMB review
  • Data management including data entry systems, data cleaning, and creation of analytic datasets
  • Attendance at DSMB meetings and presentation of analytic results
Publicized Research Studies
  • Series of Long-DES Trials: Long-DES I, II, III, IV
  • Series of DECLARE Trials: DECLARE-DM
  • DECLARE-Long
  • Series of ZEST Trials: ZEST, ZEST-AMI
  • Bifurcation Trials: CROSS, PERFECT
  • Angiographic Follow-up Study: DES Follow-Up
  • Study for Diabetics: ESSESNCE
  • Prevention of Nephropathy: PREVENT
  • MAIN-COMPARE Registry
  • Dual antiplatelet therapy : DES-LATE
  • Asan Main Registry
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