• Course: The Asan Medical Center Interventional Cardiology Training Program
  • Place: Training Center (atrium), East Building 3 Floor, Asan Medical Center, Seoul, Korea
  • Period: For 4 days
  • Organizing Director: Dr. Seung-Jung Park
First Day (Mon)
8:00 AM Welcome Remarks & Orientation Seung-Jung Park
8:10 AM "Catheterization Laboratory Activities"
Moderator: Duk-Woo Park (or Invited Faculty from Korea)
Special Lecture on… Paradigm Shift to Functional Angioplasty : Angioplasty vs. FFR (Basic Concept)

Seung-Jung Park
12:30 PM "Lunchtime Activities"
Introduction of the CardioVascular Research Foundation (CVRF)
"Featured Lectures"
12:40 PM Impact of Routine Use of FFR in Real Practice (AMC Registry Data) Jung-Min Ahn
12:55 PM What Are Really Matters in Bifurcation PCI (LM and Non-LM): Technique or Concept? Duk-Woo Park
1:10 PM Coffee Break
1:30 PM Hands-On Learning: IVUS, VH-IVUS & OCT
Trainers: Do-Yoon Kang, MD, Soo-Jung Kim, RN, Min Suk Lee, RT
3:00 PM Adjourn
Second Day (Tue)
8:00 AM "Catheterization Laboratory Activities"
Moderator : Bon-Kwon Koo
Special Lecture on… Integrated Use of FFR & IVUS: Left Main PCI

Seung-Jung Park
"Lunchtime Activities"
TAVI Session
12:00 PM CT Measurement for Device Selection Do-Yoon Kang
12:10 PM How to Do TAVI: Tips & Tricks (SAPIEN 3 and Evolut R) Jung-Min Ahn
12:20 PM Current Status & Future Perspectives Duk-Woo Park
12:30 PM Nightmare Complications-Untangling the Knots!
Moderator : Jung-Min Ahn
"Featured Lectures"
2:00 PM Integrated Use of FFR & IVUS: Coronary Bifurcation PCI Bon-Kwon Koo
2:15 PM Integrated Use of FFR & IVUS: Long and Tandem Lesion PCI Jung-Min Ahn
2:30 PM Clinical Impact of Intravascular Imaging Mineok Chang
2:45 PM Management of ACS: What's Now & What's New Cheol Whan Lee
3:00 PM Adjourn
Third Day (Wed)
8:00 AM "Catheterization Laboratory Activities"
Moderator: Invited Faculty from Korea
Special Lecture on… PCI vs. CABG (LM and 3 VD)

Seung-Jung Park
"Lunchtime Activities"
Dynamic Roundtable Discussions
12:00 PM Antiplatelet Options for PCI Patients: Unresolved Issues and Solutions Duk-Woo Park
12:20 PM Case Review- Meet the Experts
Moderator : Seung-Whan Lee
"Featured Lectures"
2:00 PM Meet the Masters: CTO Lecture Invited Faculty from Japan
2:15 PM What the CTO Operators Should Know; Scoring Systems and Algorithms Pil Hyung Lee
2:30 PM All CTO Should Be Opened? From Registry to DECISION-CTO Seung-Whan Lee
2:45 PM Adjourn
Fourth Day (Thu)
8:00 AM "Catheterization Laboratory Activities"
Moderator : Seung-Whan Lee
"Linking Data to CV Outcomes"
11:00 AM Imaging Detection of Vulnerable Plaque Soo-Jin Kang
11:15 AM Current Status of DES & BVS Duk-Woo Park
11:30 AM Evaluation & Closing Ceremony
12:00 PM Farewell Lunch
1:00 PM Adjourn
* This schedule is preliminary and subject to change.