Upcoming Meeting

Section Dates
104th December 11 (Mon.) ~ 14 (Thu.), 2017
105th January 16(Tue.)~ 18(Thu.)
106th February 5(Mon.)~ 8(Thu.)
107th March 5(Mon.) ~ 8(Thu.)
108th May 14(Mon.) ~ 17(Thu.)
109th June 18(Mon.) ~ 21(Thu.)
110th July 9(Mon.) ~ 12(Thu.)
111th August 20(Mon.) ~ 23(Thu.)
112th September 10(Mon.) ~ 13(Thu.)
113th October 15(Mon.) ~ 18(Thu.)
114th November 5(Mon.) ~ 8(Thu.)
115th December 10(Mon.) ~ 13(Thu.)

* The schedule is subject to change.