The ACT Program which is Asan Medical Center Interventional Cardiology Training Program is a very exclusive and intensive 4-day course and the number of participants in limited to 12 persons and per session for more efficient training.
This program has been designed for participants to learn the current practices, controversies surrounding advanced interventional cardiology, the newest interventional techniques and devices and to apply acquired knowledge in their clinical practice. We has invited world class experts from all over the world to provide participants with high quality academic opportunities that allow them to develop knowledge and skills needed to become a top specialist in interventional cardiology.
Since 2009, we have been running this program co-sponsored by CardioVascular Research Foundation and Asan Medical Center.
Learning Objective
“Evidence-based clinical practice”
  • Compare and contrast the current practices & issues in interventional cardiology
  • Integrate cutting edge clinical trials and registries data
  • Learn technical tips and tricks in intervention therapies
Target Audience
“Healthcare professionals who are interested in interventional cardiology”
  • Interventional cardiologists
  • General cardiologists
  • Physicians interested in cardiology and vascular medicine
  • Radiologists
  • Vascular surgeons
  • Interventional pediatricians
  • Nurses
  • Technologists
  • Vascular medicine specialists
Catheterization Laboratory Activities
Live Case Demonstration
  • Complex Coronary Intervention
    - LM, Bifurcation, CTO, Long Lesion, Small Lesion, Multi-Vessel
  • Endovascular Intervention
    - Carotid, Renal, SFA, BTK, Abdominal, Aortic Aneurysm
  • Structural Heart Disease Intervention
    - PFO, ASD, AVR, PMV
  • Transcatheter Valve Therapies

Cath Lab Experience

Free Discussion in the Training Center during the Procedure

Visiting Professors’ Activities
  • Live Case Demonstration & Featured Lecture

Lunchtime Activities
  • TAVI Session
    - CT Measurement for Device Selection
    - How to Do TAVI: Tips & Tricks
    - Current Status & Future Perspectives
  • Dynamic Roundtable Discussions
    - Antiplatelet Treatment for PCI Patients
  • Case Presentation & Discussion:
    Nightmare Complications-Untangling the Knots!

Hands-on Learning: Intravascular Imaging & CT Measurement for TAVR
State-of-the-Art Lectures
Technical Tips & Tricks
  • LM, Bifurcation, Ostial Lesion, Multi-Vessel, CTO, AMI/ACS, Carotid, Peripheral Intervention, Structural Heart Disease, Transcatheter Valve Therapies, etc.

  • IVUS, VH-IVUS, OCT, CT, MR, FFR, etc

Adjunctive Pharmacology

Up-to-date Clinical Trials and Registries

How to Make Good Clinical Trials